The Benefits of Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems in Oklahoma City

If you’re a homeowner in Oklahoma, you probably want your lawn to look as good as possible. Unfortunately our hot, dry climate can make that goal hard to reach. One of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful is with a professionally installed sprinkler and irrigation system. These systems have numerous advantages over hand-watering and standard lawn sprinklers – keep reading to learn more.

Professional Sprinkler Systems OKC

Why to Install a Sprinkler and Irrigation System

Many Oklahoma homeowners think that sprinklers and irrigation systems aren’t any more effective or efficient than watering their lawns by hand or with regular lawn sprinklers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, permanent sprinklers and irrigation lines are far better for your lawn, and they’re also better for your wallet too.

Here are just a few of the advantages of an installed sprinkler and irrigation system:

  • It Saves You Time: If you hand-water your entire lawn you could spend hours outside each week. An installed sprinkler system lets you automate this process without sacrificing the health of your lawn or garden.
  • It Saves You Money: Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems are more efficient than hand watering or regular sprinklers connected to a garden hose. With a professionally installed system you’ll avoid overwatering and watering during the wrong part of the day, saving you money over time. You can also get rain sensors installed to avoid watering when the soil is already moist.
  • It Keeps Your Lawn Healthier: Watering your grass and garden the right way is important to ensure it stays healthy. An installed sprinkler and irrigation system can water your plants during the coolest part of the day or even at night to avoid evaporation loss and plant damage. It can also provide different amounts of water to different areas of your lawn, letting you focus water on the parts that need it most.
  • It Can Prevent Weed Growth: If you’re a gardener, an underground drip irrigation system can help prevent weeds and unwanted plants from taking over your garden. Drip irrigation systems water the roots of your plants directly, denying water to weeds and other plants you don’t want to support.

Is a Sprinkler and Irrigation System Right for Me?

Irrigation Systems Oklahoma CityNot sure whether you could benefit from a sprinkler or irrigation system? One way to help you decide is to answer some questions about your lawn care and gardening habits:

Do you hand water your lawn or garden?

If you hand water your lawn or garden with a hose, a sprinkler or irrigation system can make your watering more efficient and effective. With a sprinkler and irrigation system you can get full coverage of your lawn or garden so your plants and grass stay healthy, but you also save lots of time and avoid inefficient watering.

Do you use a standalone sprinkler connected to a hose?

While lawn sprinklers keep you from watering your lawn by hand, they are almost always inefficient and bad for your lawn as a whole. Most lawn sprinklers can only focus on a small section of the lawn at one time, often resulting in an unevenly watered lawn and lots of runoff or overflow. A professional sprinkler system ensures your lawn and garden are evenly covered and that your lawn is only watered as much as it needs.

Is your lawn too big to water all at once?

For Oklahoma homeowners with larger lawns or gardens, underground sprinklers and irrigation systems might be the only way to water effectively. Unless you want to spend hour after hour moving your sprinklers around by hand or dragging a hose behind you, a sprinkler and irrigation system is the best way to effectively water large areas.

Do you have lots of plants with different water needs?

If you’re an avid gardener or you have lots of plants and landscaping on your property, sprinkler and irrigation systems can ensure your plants get the right amount of water for their needs.

In the end, a sprinkler and irrigation system is the best way to enjoy a healthy, beautiful lawn in Oklahoma. And if you want to make sure your system is installed the right way, call us today at Rain Tamer. We’re Oklahoma City’s top sprinkler and irrigation installers, so call (405) 726-8106 today or visit us on Facebook for more tips and inspiration!



Common Problems with Gutters in OKC

Fall is almost here, and in Oklahoma that means rain, leaves, and wind. Rain and falling debris can wreak havoc around your home if you aren’t prepared. To deal with these problems you need a well-functioning gutter system.  Gutters are an essential part of any home’s water management system, but many homeowners don’t realize their gutters have problems. Here are a few of the most common gutter issues in Oklahoma and how you can correct them.

Gutters in Oklahoma City

Common OKC Gutter Problems

Debris and Clogs

The most common issue with almost all gutters in Oklahoma is debris clogging the gutter channel or downspout. Even though it’s a common issue, it’s also a serious one. Clogs can cause your gutters to drain slowly or even overflow. This in turn could lead to foundation and property damage, water intrusion, leaks in your roof, and unwanted soil erosion around your home.

Debris clogs also create secondary dangers. They increase the danger of fire – always a reality in Oklahoma – by creating a store of fuel along your roofline. Debris such as leaves and flowers can also rot in your gutters, leading to mold problems or staining. Finally, debris could weigh your gutters down and cause them to pull away from your house, causing additional damage.

The easiest way to handle clogged gutters is simply to clean them regularly. Take a look at our blog post about year-round gutter cleaning to learn what to do, or call us today at (405) 726-8106 and let a team of experts take care of it.

Seam Splitting

While we specialize in seamless gutter installations, we know many people still have older seamed gutters on their houses. One frequent issue with this style of gutters is leaks or splits occurring along the seam lines. Usually this problem is the result of age or infrequent maintenance, though storm damage can also cause seams to split.

You can usually repair small leaks with a bit of caulking or sealant. Wait until the gutters are completely dry, then apply a small amount of sealant along the seam according to the instructions on the bottle. Leave more serious problems – such as major leaks or full disconnects at a seam – to a professional team of gutter installers.

Gutters Pulling Away from the House

Another serious gutter issue in Oklahoma is when gutters start to pull away from the roofline or fascia of the house. This can leave gaps between the roof and gutter that water can fall into, and it can also leave open points for water to intrude into the roof or walls.

Most of the time this issue is caused by degraded or broken fasteners which hold the gutters to the house. These fasteners look like small metal strips with a bolt or screw holding them to the house. Over time, though, these clips can rust or loosen, causing the gutter to become loose. Fortunately it’s easy to replace these clips with new ones and they are easy to find at most hardware stores.

However, in some cases gutters pull away from the house due to other problems like rotting fascia boards or damaged gutter channels. In these cases it’s important to call a professional and have them evaluate the best way to repair your home and gutters.

Drainage Problems

Gutters are meant to drain water safely away from your home to avoid damaging your foundation or property. However, in some cases they do the opposite and end up causing water damage instead. This is usually due to downspouts not extending far enough away from the home, leading to excess moisture or soil erosion right next to the house. Sometimes downspouts are also placed or directed poorly, causing them to empty into low-lying areas or over footpaths.

The simplest way to solve these problems is to extend the downspouts further out into the yard, usually with additional downspout material or a ground channel. However, in some cases it’s impractical to install an aboveground extender. For instance, if your downspout drains onto a sidewalk, or if extending it would create an obstacle, you might need another solution, such as an underground downspout drain. Underground downspout extenders and ground drains serve the same purpose as downspout extenders, but they are hidden under the soil. This makes them a discreet and functional way to protect your property.

Call Rain Tamer Today

If you’re having problems with your gutters or have drainage issues on your property, call Rain Tamer today. We’re the gutter and drain experts in Oklahoma City and we can help solve all your rain and water management problems. Call us now at (405) 726-8106 to set up your consultation!

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Gutter Cleaning Throughout the Year

Gutter Cleaning Throughout the YearSummer Gutter Maintenance

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Assessing a Damaged Roof

Damaged roof and chimneyWe’re nearing the end of Oklahoma’s severe weather season and boy was it a wet one. You may have heard that in May, Oklahoma City set a new record for our wettest month ever, coming in at 19.48 inches. That’s over 4 times our monthly average and over 5 inches more than our previous record. With all these storms, you might want to consider evaluating the health of your roof.

It’s important to protect both the inside and outside of your home by ensuring you have properly functioning gutters and a solid roof. It’s easy to spot leaks or shingles that end up in your lawn but there are more subtle signs worth investigating.

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