Guttering FAQs

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Does the gutter installation come with a warranty?

Yes, there is a 20 year manufacturer warranty on the material that we use and a 10 year workmanship warranty on all gutter installations.

Can my existing gutter be repaired?

Re-attaching, re-pitching or resealing can often result in a properly functioning gutter system. However, once gutters show signs of rusting, or are bent or bowed out in any way the only solution is to replace them. Services

What is drip edge/ flashing?

Drip edge is a separate piece of L shape metal that goes up and under the shingles about 2” and also hangs down INTO the gutter. This allows water to be diverted directly into the gutter, preventing any water from running behind the gutter, saving your 1×2 and fascia board from being rotted out over time. Rain Tamer recommends drip edge be installed on all new and existing gutter systems. Products

What is the best way of attaching the gutters?

We have found that a heavy duty galvanized steel hidden hanger is the most dependable way of attaching the gutters to the eves. We place the hangers on 2 ft. center and secure them with a 1 ½ ” neoprene washer and wood grip screw. There are many different types fascia board that require different hangers and brackets for a proper installation that will stand the test of time. Before the installation takes place, we will fully explain and physically show you how your gutters will be fastened to your home. Services

Do I need to be home when the installation takes place?

We understand with work and our busy schedules it can be difficult sometimes to break away, so it is not required that someone be home when an installation is taking place; however, if you can make it that’s great. Contact Us

How long do the copper products stay shinny outdoors?

All of the copper products, including gutters, will begin to fade over time with each rain. Depending on how much it rains, copper usually starts to tarnish within about 6 months of installation. Copper will start to patina (have variations of green throughout), after 10- 20 years depending on rain totals. We do have a spray on patina that will immediately show the signs of a natural patina. If you prefer the shine of the new copper we can spray on a clear coat before installation that will lock in the shine. Exterior Ornamentals Gutter Styles

Are there senior citizen and military discounts available?

Yes, all senior citizens, veterans, and active duty military will receive a 5% discount.