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Commercial Sprinkler Installation in Oklahoma City

If you’re a business owner in Oklahoma City, you know the importance of creating a good impression with your customers. Your lawn and landscaping can be a big part of that first impression. Whether you’re caring for a small space or a huge system of lawns and gardens, Rain Tamer’s commercial irrigation and sprinkler systems can create a lush, beautiful landscape for your business.

Commercial irrigation isn’t like home irrigation. Most businesses have special needs and challenges that make their projects unique. A professionally-installed commercial irrigation system ensures your landscape stays green and healthy no matter the challenge.
Ensure Your Resources Are Used Right
Over-watering and under-watering aren’t just wasteful; they’re actually damaging to grass and plants. If your sprinkler and irrigation system can’t adjust to the rapidly changing Oklahoma weather, it could do more harm than good.

Some of the principal causes of damage from poor irrigation systems are:

Watering the lawn even when it’s raining
Watering during the wrong time of the day
Over-watering past the saturation point of the soil
Not watering all grass or plants evenly

At Rain Tamer, we install commercial sprinklers and irrigation systems in Oklahoma City that include automatic rain shut-off sensors, soil moisture monitors, and drip irrigation systems for gardens and flower beds. These systems are scalable to suit any business, and they ensure your landscape stays healthy and your water bill stays under control.

Don’t waste money on inadequate systems. Call Rain Tamer today and get the commercial irrigation systems your Oklahoma business needs.

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