Sprinkler FAQs

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Is there anything I need to do in preparation for my sprinkler installation?

No. Rain Tamer, LLC is a full-service Oklahoma City irrigation company. We will handle the entire installation of your Oklahoma irrigation system from beginning to end. Our company will contact OKIE811 on your behalf in order to avoid buried utility lines and cables on your property. We also contract with licensed and trustworthy plumbing contractors to handle any necessary plumbing work at your site, and we will work with your municipality to obtain any required permits ahead of time.

How much does an irrigation system in Oklahoma cost?

The cost of any irrigation system depends on many factors, including the size of the project, the number of irrigation zones, and any special needs. We’re happy to offer free estimates for your Oklahoma irrigation project if you contact our Oklahoma City office at (405)726-8106.

Will an automatic irrigation system use more water than hand-watering?

Almost certainly not. At Rain Tamer, we’re careful to set up your irrigation system to use water as efficiently as possible. When properly installed and maintained, an automatic irrigation system will take many factors into account and dispense only as much water as your landscape needs to stay lush and healthy. Over time an automatic sprinkler system can save you significant amounts of money over hand-watering.

After my sprinkler system is up and running, is there anything I need to do?

Our sprinkler systems need very little regular maintenance or attention. We do recommend seasonal servicing to make adjustments and check efficiency. We also provide winterization services to keep your irrigation system safe in below-freezing temperatures.

How long does it take to install an irrigation system?

Usually a sprinkler installation takes only one day, but in some cases additional time may be necessary. Large or complex projects (such as sites with extensive concrete or brickwork on the property) might take an additional day or two. We can give you a more thorough time estimate when we meet at your site.

Does installing a sprinkler system damage the lawn?

Our team uses specialized machinery and tools to minimize damage to your turf, flowerbeds, and landscaping features. We take great pride in our ability to “get in and out” without leaving damage behind. The exact likelihood of damage depends on factors like how established your turf is, the condition of your soil, and the type of irrigation system we’re installing. In most cases any evidence of damage lasts only a few weeks.

Do sprinkler systems interfere with lawn equipment?

For the most part, no. Most sprinkler systems in Oklahoma use “pop-up” or low-profile sprinkler heads that lie low to the ground when not in use. Taller sprinkler heads can be damaged by lawn mowers, but they are made to be visible and are easily replaced if they are damaged.

I have a well. Can I still have an irrigation system?

Certainly. We specialize in low-pressure systems for well-derived water supplies in Oklahoma. These systems can include pumps to store water and increase pressure in the sprinkler lines or low-pressure “drip” irrigation for flower beds. With today’s advanced technology, there are numerous options available.